Best test of wireless headphones (Bluetooth headphones) in Switzerland [2022]

In this article, we'll help you choose the right Bluetooth wireless headphones. First we navigate to the options available in Switzerland and compare the prices of the local Swiss providers. Then we will explain some of the basic terms that are used to describe wireless headphones (e.g. TWS, 5.0, earbuds, noise canceling, ...).

Below is a neat table that highlights the difference between some of the wireless headphones sold in Switzerland.

Model Bluetooth wireless headphones TWS i12 Bluetooth wireless headphones TWS Pro Bluetooth headphones TWS Pro Air Bluetooth headphones with power bank TWS Apple Airpods Pro
Bluetooth Technology TWS 5.0 TWS 5.1 TWS 5.1 TWS 5.1 TWS 5.1
Weight: 28 grams 32 grams 54 grams 84 grams 40 grams
Bluetooth range 8 meters 10 meters 15 meters 15 meters 8 meters
charging time 1.5 hours 1 hours 1.5 hours 1.5 hours 1.5 hours
Battery life 3.5 hours 7+ hours 24+ hours 10+ hours 10+ hours
charging Case
Additional charges
Noise cancellation Passive
noise cancellation
Power Bank
Overall rating
Price CHF 10 CHF 15 CHF 30 CHF 20 CHF 249
30 days guarantee
Shipping for CHF 3 A Post

Bluetooth wireless headphones TWS i12

The Bluetooth wireless headphones TWS i12 are practical and affordable Bluetooth headphones. At this price, you no longer have to worry if you should lose your headphones. Since TWS 5.0 is used, it may take a while to pair the first time, but should run smoothly afterwards. They are available in different colors and ENJOOY can even engrave the charging box.

After you have the Bluetooth headphones TWS i12 we recommend them if this is your first time buying bluetooth headsets and you want to know if bluetooth headphones are right for you. We also recommend them as gifts for teenagers, because if you lose them you will only lose CHF 10.

If you're a little more serious about the sound quality, battery life and durability of the headphones, we recommend the wireless ones Wireless Bluetooth headphones TWS Pro.

Wireless  Bluetooth headphones TWS Pro

The Bluetooth wireless headphones TWS Pro is a newer and improved version of the TWS i12 in design (i.e. smaller), sound quality (improved bass), and thanks to the TWS 5.1, pairing your headphones for the first time should be easier. These headphones are well suited for daily commuting through Switzerland, as you can still hear the surrounding noise well depending on the volume. The TWS Pro is still affordable in its color variants and this model can also be engraved at ENJOOY.

After we got the wireless Bluetooth headphones Pro After charging for an hour, we listened to music continuously for 3,5 hours. After 3,5 hours we put the headphones back in the charging case and were able to listen to music continuously for another 3,5 hours. You can charge the headphones several times with the charging case so that you can use your headphones for more than 7 hours after charging one hour. The addition of the charging case is a big plus compared to the TWS i12.

We have these wireless ones Bluetooth headphones TWS Pro tested quite extensively. If you check our social media channel, you will see that we put these headphones in the washing machine, drop them several times in a fountain and drop them from roofs. These cheap headphones are awesome !!

Bluetooth headphones TWS Air Pro [Recommended]

The TWS Air Pro are compatible with all mobile devices that have Bluetooth. The headphones have a lightweight and ergonomic design, comparable to the original Apple Airpods. The Bluetooth headphones contain four silicone earbuds for an adaptable and comfortable fit, which at the same time reduce outside noise.

With Bluetooth 5.1 technology, you can enjoy improved sound quality with faster pairing speed and more stable connectivity. The headphones have a more noticeable bass and active noise cancellation. The TWS Air Pro headphones also have an in-ear sensor that stops when removed from your ear and resumes when placed back in your ear.

Battery life has improved significantly, with up to 5 hours of continuous playback and a total of 24 hours of case charging.

S17 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones [Discontinued]

The S17wireless headphones have passive noise cancellation thanks to their cleverly shaped earbuds. This headset comes with different silicone molds for optimal comfort. These headphones are ideal for indoor use. With the charging case you can charge these headphones several times.

We tested the headphones in daily use for several weeks during our daily commute in Switzerland. The wireless connection is reset every 5 minutes. The reset was only for 1 - 2 seconds, unfortunately still not optimal. We also noticed that the controls on the wireless headphones are very sensitive. For example, a strong wind could pause the music.

We will probably no longer sell this headphone model at ENJOOY.

Bluetooth headphones with power bank function

The wireless Bluetooth headphones with power bank function are best suited for people who appreciate an improved sound experience (compared to the TWS i12). TWS 5.1 technology allows for easy pairing and the earbuds allow passive noise cancellation (additional silicone molds are included).

The integrated power bank (2.000 mAh) in the charging box is a big plus. You can charge your headphones as well as your smartphone (30% of our iPhone 8 is charged). In our opinion, this slightly heavier, bulky design (at least 88 grams) is worth the additional power bank function.

We did not test the waterproofness of the headphones ourselves. However, the manufacturer specifies an IPX5 water resistance. The headphones shouldn't have any problems with coffee splashes or light rain.

Of course, we have tested several different models of Bluetooth headphones with power bank functions. We prefer this model because of the improved sound quality, the higher charging capacity of the power bank and the modern LED display.

After testing the headphones for several weeks, we also recommend this product due to its improved sound quality, noise cancellation and power bank functions.

Bluetooth headphones with cable for Apple iPhone

After testing several versions of wired headphones for Apple's iPhones with a Lightning USB connection, we decided on two models. The basis "Headphones for iPhone with Lightning USB"And the" Headphones for iPhone with Lightning USB - PRO ". The main improvement on the Pro is the ear pad, which offers added comfort and passive noise cancellation which improves the sound experience.

These wired headphones work with bluetooth. As with wireless headphones, pairing the headphones with your smartphone is the hardest part here. But after the first pairing, the headphones should connect to your mobile phone in 2-5 seconds.

Bluetooth headphone terminology: let's start with the basic terms.

TWS or True Wireless Sound is a technology that connects two headphones to your smartphone via Bluetooth (instead of a cable). It is important to note that TWS 5.0 is the “standard” for most devices. However, TWS 5.1 makes pairing your headphones easier and faster.

As mentioned above, the TWS i12 uses TWS 5.0. The wireless Bluetooth TWS Pro and the wireless headphones with power bank use TWS 5.1 technology (we recommend both headphone models).

Noise cancellation is often misunderstood. Noise-canceling headphones reduce ambient noise with the help of active noise control. This differs from headphones that use passive techniques such as soundproofing. The noise suppression makes it possible, for example, to listen to music without increasing the volume excessively.

Comparison of headphones and earbuds:

Wireless headphones in-ear earbuds headphones and headphones headphones

Wireless headphones are the umbrella term for both types.

Earbuds are usually one size fits all and rest on the outside of your ear canal so that you can hear ambient noise, which provides a certain level of security (for example, while commuting). However, earbuds tend to fall off during exercise and are therefore not the best choice in terms of sound quality, as the filtered ambient noise allows for weaker bass.

In-ear headphones are very compact headphones with silicone molds that are inserted directly into the ear canal. The design ensures optimal sound isolation so that you can enjoy music more clearly at a lower volume. The in-ear headphones are also ideal for sports as they fit snugly in your ear. A variety of silicone and longer foam pads are usually included to ensure an optimal fit.